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Residential Moving

ABC New Move makes your residential moving stress-free and easy! We relocate all your staff wherever “into” or “out” and whenever you need it. Call us right now for free estimates.

Commercial Moving

We offer reliable commercial moving services in all areas around Greater Vancouver. This includes our professional loading and unloading services such as arranging your belongings where you want them and assembling them as needed.

Delivery Service

ABC New Move offers delivery services to every corner of the Greater Vancouver area. We can pick up and deliver your purchases from any store in the Lower Mainland at a competitive price.

Urgent Moving

If you need to move urgently, or require a delivery/pickup service don’t hesitate to call us.


Address: 620 Lea Ave
Coquitlam, BC, V3J 4H2


Phone: (604) 727-2210
Fax: (604) 524-3334
Email: [email protected]